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Welcome to Outdoor Handball.

Because our society will be more fun with handball.

It’s here you find cool news from the outdoor handball world.

We hope outdoor handball  will grow in many countries.

Outdoor handball has big prospects to grow a lot, because of the small field there is needed to play handball. (opposite of football fields)

The Partille Cup in Goteborg shows how many handball fields there are placed at the largest playing field area “Heden” Heden Center. It’s a fantastic atmosphere you must see once in a lifetime. See picture above.

Outdoor handball, udendørs håndbold
Outdoor Handball for Boarding Schools - DGI Landsstævne Holbæk L2009

Video click twice the play button. ;D
We play with the real handball rules and to the fair play rules in street handball 😀
No physical contact
– No dribbling
– 3 steps
– Play against 2 goals
Udendørs Håndbold, Street Håndbold, Street Handball

Outdoor handball / Street handball gives handball with handball revolution and

it’s start with the children 🚀🤾🏻‍♂️🤹‍♂️😍


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Let other people get involved in volunteer work, because our society will improve when children and teenagers are active in their spare time.

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